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Beautiful Song Shows the Way

February 24th, 2012

Prabhakar was on his way to visit a friend, but the music he heard stopped him in his journey. It even made him do something unheard of for him—step


Music plays a big role in Indian culture, so it is not surprising that in the church, people meet to sing praises to Jesus.

inside a Christian church! The beautiful, melodic strains were coming from inside a church, and following his parents’ traditional village religion, Prabhakar would have never taken such a bold step. He had grown up worshipping many deities, but the sound of the music drew him into that very unfamiliar setting.

Sitting inside the church, Prabhakar continued to enjoy the beautiful music. Then, as the pastor began to share from God’s Word, Prabhakar heard the Gospel for the first time in his life. As he listened, the Lord gave him a clear sense of his sinfulness and his need for a Savior. That same day, Prabhakar put his trust in Jesus. As Prabhakar grew in his new faith, God called him to study the Scriptures more in-depth and provided a way for him to attend a Gospel for Asia Bible college.

Upon graduation, Prabhakar continued to serve with GFA, returning as a native missionary to his own village. He spent much time in fasting and prayer for the people of his village. God used Prabhakar to reach many people with the Gospel—not just in his village but in surrounding ones as well. He started a church that has grown to 60 believers, and he has an expanding Sunday school outreach for children. And it all started with a beautiful song.


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