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Given the Strength to Transform Villages

March 9th, 2012

Chetan Mayur spent his childhood suffering daily from a terrible illness. His kidneys barely functioned, and his doctors were unable to find a cure. As Chetan


Chetan wants everyone in Chhattisgarh to know of Christ's love, so he shares the Good News with the villagers every day.

lay sick in bed, his family had no idea whether he would live another year, let alone grow up and greatly impact several villages.

With his health failing and no results from medical procedures, Chetan was left with little hope. Then one day, a Christian missionary knocked on his door. When the missionary shared his personal testimony of how Christ had changed his life, Chetan knew he wanted to follow Jesus.

Hungry to grow deeper in his new faith, Chetan began regularly attending worship services at a local church. During that time, he began to feel God calling him to serve in fulltime ministry. The Lord also gradually healed Chetan of his kidney failure, and he grew stronger.

In order to equip himself for missionary work, Chetan enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible college. After graduating, he moved to an area in Chhattisgarh, India, where the Lord had guided him to serve.

Excited to share the hope found in Christ, Chetan began visiting all the homes in one village. Sadly, he was met with hard hearts, and no one was open to the Gospel message. They even threatened him as he did outreach. So after seeking the Lord’s will, he began ministering in other nearby villages.

At first, many of these villagers were also closed to what Chetan shared. But as they saw the genuine love of Christ in his life, they had a desire to learn more about the Savior.



Because of GFA native missionaries like Chetan, many people worship Jesus in churches throughout Chhattisgarh.

Because of Chetan’s ministry, about 100 believers attend his church. Many people have been healed of their sicknesses through his prayer ministry, as well.

When this native missionary was a sickly child, no one would have guessed that he would accomplish great things for the Lord. But because of his willing heart, God has used Chetan to bring many more people into His kingdom.


Chetan requests prayer that more will choose to follow Christ as a result of his ministry. He also asks for prayer that those who opposed him will come to know the Lord.



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