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GFA Missionary Given Three Days to Leave

April 20th, 2012

On February 2, religious extremists interrogated Gospel for Asia native missionary Gautam Taru about his ministry. Then, they told Gautam he had three days to get out of his village in Madhya Pradesh, India.

“You must leave!” the extremists told Gautam after questioning him. “If you do not get out of the village in three days, there will be serious consequences.”

Threatened by Gautam’s fruitful ministry, the anti-Christian fanatics came to his church and forced him to tell them the names of each believer and what organization was financially supporting him. Taping every word on a recorder, they also asked him why he was propagating a foreign religion.

Once the mob let him go, Gautam and some of the believers from his church went to the local police station to report the event. The next day, the police had Gautam return for further inquiries about the incident.

“We will do everything we can to help you, but it would be best if you leave for a week and then come back after things settle down,” the police officers told him.

As Gautam was walking home from the station, some of the believers from his church contacted him. They told him that while he was gone, the radicals had returned to the church looking for the pastor. While threatening the Christians, they destroyed all the Bibles and Gospel literature.

The extremists had also brought kerosene to burn the building down, but decided not to follow through with the plan. After threatening the believers and warning them to tell their pastor to leave, the angry mob left.

Gautam requests prayer that the fanatics will stop trying to thwart his ministry and that they will come to know Jesus in a personal way. He also requests prayer for safety and protection for himself, his wife and three sons.


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