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Leprosy Patients Choosing Christ

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Faram Aziz suffers from leprosy. He lives segregated from society in a leper colony in West Bengal, India. The leprosy, a chronic infectious disease that


Gospel for Asia missionaries are sharing the love of Christ with people who live in leper colonies in West Bengal, India.

attacks the nervous system, had caused a large wound on Farim’s leg. But thanks to Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services, Faram’s leg wound is now healed.

The Compassion Services ministry strives to meet the physical needs of the lepers and to fulfill their spiritual needs by introducing them to Jesus. Since last July, several missionaries have devoted themselves to ministering to people living in the leper colonies of West Bengal, India. Since that time, they have seen several leprosy patients choose to follow Christ.

One of the missionaries working with this effort is Anisur Roze, who was healed from leprosy after GFA missionaries prayed for him. He has committed his life to serve the Lord among leprosy patients.

Anisur joined the Gospel for Asia missionaries when they began visiting three government settlements for leprosy sufferers in West Bengal. Within a few months, the missionaries were conducting worship services in these colonies and a fourth colony in a nearby area.

Leprosy Patient

The missionaries who visit the leprosy patients take time to treat their wounds.

In December, the missionaries distributed Christmas gifts of blankets and shawls to the people living in the leper colonies. Later that month, the missionaries conducted a communion service for the Christians in these colonies. Many of them had trouble holding the bread because the disease had attacked their hands, causing them to lose fingers. GFA missionary Dilip Rehman stepped in and helped the lepers by placing the communion bread straight into their mouths.

The missionaries are always on the lookout for ways to help the individuals living in these colonies. When they met Jaya Bagchi, they noticed that the disease made it difficult for him to walk. He was weak and very thin. The missionaries found a way to provide Jaya with some basic daily nutrition. They also prayed for him, and now, by God’s grace, he is able to walk.

GFA missionaries serving in this specialized ministry ask for prayer as they seek to meet the needs of the leprosy patients. Pray that the Lord would grant everyone involved in the ministry enough grace to continue serving this most unreached group.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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A Mother’s Prayers

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“Lord, please change my whole family as you have changed my life,” Meena Patni earnestly prayed.

Bible Reading

Dhanjoy’s first chance to read a Bible came at a Bible college.

Meena had found peace and joy she never expected after a pastor told her about Jesus. Delivered from a life of spirit worship and bondage to demons, Meena’s hope was that her family would find salvation too—especially her son Dhanjoy, who was difficult to handle.

Dhanjoy had grown up among people whose only hope in life was to appease the anger of evil spirits. He was a mischievous boy, and he fought with his father and brother. He would even grab and pull his mother’s hair or throw his sandal into the food she was cooking. Meena desperately wanted her son to grow up knowing the love of Jesus, and she prayed for him often.

She began to see the answer to her prayers when Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Benjamin Masih visited their home. For the first time, Dhanjoy—who was by then a teenager—listened to the Gospel message. When Benjamin invited Dhanjoy to visit a GFA Bible college, he agreed.

Dhanjoy attended an introductory class at the Bible college, intended for young men such as himself who had been introduced to the Gospel but didn’t yet know the Lord. During the weeks he was there, stories of Jesus’ life deeply touched him, as did reading the Bible for the first time. Dhanjoy gave his life to Christ there at the college.

Soon, Dhanjoy received a phone call from his father with the news that he had passed his college exams and could look for a job. But by that time, Dhanjoy desired to stay and study at the Bible college. He stayed for two months, then went home for his brother’s wedding.


The message of a missionary like this one changed Dhanjoy’s life.

During this visit, Meena was overjoyed to see her son again and witness the changes that had taken place in his life. Dhanjoy shared his new faith with his family members who did not yet know Christ.

Now, Dhanjoy is a Bible college graduate serving the Lord full-time in a mountainous region in South Asia. He has faced opposition several times from anti-Christian groups, but he continues faithfully.

Dhanjoy asks for prayer that many people will receive salvation through his ministry, and especially that his brother and father will choose to follow the Lord.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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