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From Insanity to Faith in Christ

June 1st, 2012

Gospel for Asia missionaries share a special calling to bring the Gospel to those searching for hope—like Jayin once was.

Jayin Sabal’s misguided search for God drove him to insanity rather than peace. Although he was a respected guru of his village’s religion, with many followers and devotees, Jayin still felt desperately empty.

In keeping with his village’s traditions, Jayin performed various religious rituals on a regular basis—but was unable to find God’s presence in any of them. So he set out on a quest to find the living God. But when Jayin saw that his search had not brought him any closer to reaching his goal, he was driven to insanity.

Instead of staying by her husband’s side during this difficult time, Jayin’s wife left him. Life looked bleak for Jayin. But around this time, Jayin’s parents became Christians, and began praying for his deliverance. God answered their earnest prayers, bringing Jayin back to sanity. A pastor visited and shared the Gospel with Jayin, and he saw that Jesus was the God for whom he was searching.

Jayin personally embraced the Gospel. Although his wife did not choose to return to him-and has since married another man-Jayin did not waver in his faith. Hearing God’s call to serve Him, Jayin enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible college. He has since completed his studies and is serving the Lord as a native missionary.

His heart is to share the Gospel of Christ with people who have not heard-especially those who are religious gurus like he once was. Please pray for the Lord to bring much fruit through Jayin’s labors. Pray, too, that he will stay close to Jesus and know Him as a constant Friend.


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