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Miracles in the Midst of Disaster

June 15th, 2012

When a snakebite is the least of your problems, you know you have a lot of problems. For Gospel for Asia missionary Balaji, that was exactly the case when his


Kiran and Balaji showed a film about Jesus in a slum like this one.

day of ministry appeared to be headed for disaster.

Balaji and Kiran serve together on a GFA film team. They carry equipment to remote villages to show a movie on the life of Jesus.

The two missionaries had an opportunity to show the film in a slum area in Karnataka, India. The people in this area had previously opposed their ministry quite strongly, yet Kiran and Balaji prayed that this opportunity would bear fruit.

The lack of electrical lights made it hard to set up the equipment after dark. Balaji was groping in the darkness, trying to start the generator, when something bit his hand. Pain streaked up his arm, so Kiran brought a candle to see what had happened. Then they saw the big snake lying on the ground.

Balaji didn’t want to postpone the show to seek medical treatment. They decided to continue, praying and trusting God to spare his life and open the hearts of the people. While the villagers watched the film, a group of 50 anti-Christian extremists and two policemen burst into the crowd and started beating the missionaries. Balaji and Kiran cried out to God, and He answered them. The villagers protested the beatings and drove away the crowd of extremists. But the police took the missionaries to jail.

Now suffering from beatings and a snakebite, Balaji sat with Kiran in jail, facing police who were demanding a huge sum of money in order to return the film equipment and release the men.

The missionaries were jailed for three days, beaten often throughout that time. The two men were exhausted, discouraged and badly in pain, but they


Balaji was working on a generator like this one when a snake bit him.

turned to the Lord and again cried out for mercy. Again, He answered.

A group of Christians and others from the slum village came to police to ask for the missionaries’ release. When the head policeman refused, the villagers protested that the men had done nothing wrong, and that the film had not been illegal, but told about a God of love.

Finally, the policeman reduced his demands to a small sum that the Christians scraped together to pay for them. Kiran and Balaji were released without further difficulty. They recovered from the ordeal, and Balaji’s arm shows no long-term ill effects from the snakebite.

Please pray that God will bring much fruit from Kiran and Balaji’s incredible sacrifice in that area. They have gone right back to their film ministry, trusting the Lord to use them for His kingdom no matter the cost.



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