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Incredible Miracle for a Fearful Family

July 13th, 2012

Bageshri Kalyan’s face was so disfigured that her family covered it with a handkerchief. An aggressive cancer was eating away at Bageshri’s mouth, and she


Gospel for Asia missionaries witness firsthand the power of prayer.

was on her deathbed.

Gospel for Asia missionary Lalitlochan Bevi was not repulsed by what he saw. He knew that God could heal her.

Many doctors had tried to treat Bageshri’s cancer. Her family even took her to a well-known Indian hospital that specializes in treating cancer patients. They also brought in witch doctors to perform rituals they hoped might bring healing. But that did not work either. The doctors told Bageshri’s family there was no hope. They told them to prepare for Bageshri’s death, which would come in a few days. When her condition began to deteriorate at an alarming rate, it appeared the doctors were right.

Lalitlochan was on a routine outreach mission in Bageshri’s village when he heard about her plight. He rushed to her home to find the woman, her swollen, disfigured face covered with a handkerchief. Bageshri’s family members surrounded her, but they looked exhausted and wore shattered expressions on their faces.

Lalitlochan referred to the words of Isaiah the prophet, “By His (Jesus’) wounds we are healed,” as he shared the message of love with Bageshri and her family. Then, he anointed her with oil and began to pray, asking God for complete healing. Bageshri’s face began to change right before their eyes. The swelling-and her pain-rapidly decreased as his prayer continued.

Bageshri’s family members were amazed and immediately went out to tell their neighbors about the miracle. The neighbors came to see for themselves and were shocked to find her sitting up on her bed.

The stunned villagers invited Lalitlochan to tell them about the Lord, and he invited them to come to the church where he serves as pastor. Bageshri, her husband and two children eagerly attended the church and soaked up the Gospel teaching. Then Bageshri’s relatives heard about it, and they threatened to harm her if she continued learning about Jesus. They said she was abandoning her traditional faith. For a short while, she stayed away from the church.

But Lalitlochan did not give up on Bageshri. He continued to visit the family, encouraging them to be bold for the Lord. She eventually returned to the church and is now a believer in Jesus-the same Jesus who healed her cancer.

Lalitlochan asks for prayer that many more will come to know the Lord because of this miracle in Bageshri’s life.



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