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Treasure Worth More than Life

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Believers in Maharashtra, India, trust the Lord for protection.

When Nandri became a Christian, little did she realize she would soon face possible death for her decision.

Nandri had her life all planned out. She was studying for a bachelor’s degree and had goals she wanted to attain. She was living her life the way she pleased. Then she heard the Gospel. She was so deeply touched by the message of salvation that she decided to follow Christ above all else—a decision that launched her into a whole new world of danger.

Nandri is from Maharashtra, India, which is also home to an anti-Christian communist group, the Naxalites. When she became a Christian, Nandri joined a nearby church where Gospel for Asia missionary Sudhir Bharose is the pastor. The Naxalites threatened this same church earlier this month.


GFA missionaries like Sudhir know they could face persecution for sharing the Gospel.

Now the believers in Nandri’s village are living with an approaching deadline given by the Naxalites: deny Christ by February 29 or be burned along with their homes and belongings.

GFA missionaries like Sudhir know they could face persecution for sharing the Gospel.

In spite of the danger, Nandri’s greatest desire is for her family to turn to Christ. She and the other members of Pastor Sudhir’s church are trusting the Lord to protect them, and they have said they will stand by their pastor through whatever comes.

Pastor Sudhir asks for earnest prayer that no matter what happens, no one will turn away from their faith. Pray that God will show His power in this situation, and that the Naxalites will acknowledge Him as Lord.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.


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When the Tables Turned

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Many GFA missionaries and believers, like Sunay and Maya, pray for the sick.

“Your prayers didn’t heal her, it was me!” Leena shrieked bitterly.

Leena’s identity was crumbling fast. Everything she had lived for was a lie. Both of her children had come to know Jesus in a personal way; she could see He was real, too. But if she admitted that Jesus was the true God, she would have to let go of the prestige and honor of being a priestess in her traditional religion in Orissa, India.

A few months before, the inherent flaws in the religion that Leena served began to surface. Her son, Romir, met several Christian friends through a school he attended. Seeing the love of the Lord springing from the depths of their souls, Romir became dissatisfied with the dry spirituality his mother’s religion offered.

Romir soon ran toward a refreshing life with Christ. But when Leena heard about his transformation, she did everything in her power to squelch his new faith, forcing him to stay home from prayer meetings and worship services.

Meanwhile, Leena’s daughter, Maya, got married. Maya was content with her life until a terminal illness ravaged her body. She could not even eat or drink, so the doctors sent her home to spend her final days. Struck with grief, Leena rushed to her Maya’s side and called on the gods of her religion to spare her daughter’s life. Maya’s condition only worsened.

In an effort to save Maya’s life, one of their neighbors called Gospel for Asia native missionary Sunay Parth. When Sunay arrived, he read from God’s Word, and then trusting the Lord’s power, began to pray.

Interceding through tears for Maya’s life, Sunay prayed for 20 minutes. During this time, Maya felt strength flowing back into her body. As Sunay said, “Amen,” Maya got up from the bed that had imprisoned her for two weeks and asked for something to eat and drink.

Realizing that it was the power of Christ that had healed her, Maya followed in her brother’s footsteps and received her Savior.

“No!” Leena exclaimed in desperation. “You are not my daughter anymore!”

She had seen everything that took place, but was not ready to let go of her role as an important priestess in her religion. In an effort to save face, Leena claimed that it was her rituals that cured Maya. Then she stormed out of the house.

Years passed, and Leena held tight to her faith tradition until one day, she was struck with a terrible sickness. When Maya heard about her mother’s condition, she ran to her bedside.

“Jesus is the only one who could heal me,” Maya shared with her mother.

As Leena listened to Maya’s personal testimony, her walls of pride began to shatter. A glimmer of faith in Christ developed in her heart. So, Leena asked Maya and Sunay to pray for her healing as well.

When Sunay arrived, he shared the Gospel message with Leena, and then they fervently called on the Lord. Then Sunay went home and continued to fast and pray for Leena throughout the night.

By the next morning, her health was completely restored. It was at this moment that Leena gave her life to Jesus, thankful for His mercy on her life.

“Please forgive me for treating you so badly,” Leena said to Sunay and her family. “I want to destroy all of the idols I followed, and only live for Christ!”

Sunay requests prayer that Leena will continue to grow in her new faith in Jesus. He also asks for prayer that many will come to know Him through her witness.


This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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