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Joyous Reunion after 13 Years – Gospel for Asia

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Savita is grateful for the prayers of people at her church for her husband’s return. Pastors of GFA-related churches, like this one, are often sought out for their prayers concerning needs both in their congregation and community.


Savita, a woman in Karnataka, India, may have felt that her life could not get any worse. The marriage her parents arranged for her did not turn out exactly the way she had hoped. But as Savita and her new husband grew their family, their life settled into a comfortable routine.

That comfortable feeling vanished when Savita’s husband deserted his family several years later. Savita was left with the burden of caring for their two children on her own. Making matters worse, Savita was one of India’s “Untouchable” Dalits, those with fewer opportunities than the rest of society to earn even a subsistence income.

Savita felt utterly abandoned and longed for her husband’s return. For 13 years, she diligently visited temples of her religion, entreating the deities for a divine intervention. But there was no sign of him.


Much like this woman, Savita feels blessed to know and worship the living God.

Meanwhile, Savita’s grandmother had embraced the Gospel in her life and was determined to share this Good News with her grandaughter. At first, Savita showed no interest. But her grandmother refused to give up, telling her that if she attended a worship service at a local GFA-related church, she would find deliverance.

Savita did finally attend a service, and she was stirred by testimonies the Christians shared of God’s work in their lives. Even after she returned home, Savita found herself recalling over and over the words spoken by the believers and their pastor.

God moved in Savita’s heart, and she placed her trust in Christ as Savior. She knew that just as the Lord had met her deepest need of salvation, He could intervene in her family crisis as well.

The pastor and other believers at the GFA-related church joined Savita in earnestly praying for her husband’s return. The Lord answered in a powerful way, transforming the heart of Savita’s husband and bringing him back home—after a 13-year absence. Today, the reunited family is living a joyous life together.



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God Healed at Midnight

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Raika answered the urgent knocking on her door to find Jehru looking desperate. Although it was the middle of the night, he had come to ask Raika and the


Gospel for Asia missionaries, through prayer, see the Lord free many people from demon possession.

other Gospel for Asia Bible college students to come pray for his 11-year-old daughter; Danaki was having another seizure.

The Bible college students had visited Danaki’s home to share the Gospel the day before. When they saw one of the seizures that haunted the little girl, they shared about Jesus’ healing power and prayed, which brought comfort to her parents. Danaki, whom they believed had epilepsy, relaxed and returned to normal.

That Danaki’s parents listened to the Gospel message was in itself a miracle. Her father, Jehru, came from a high-caste family that was adamantly opposed to the Christian faith. But his heart softened when he saw the calm that Raika’s prayers brought to his daughter. Doctors, priests and traditional healers had been unable to help the girl. One of the healers who spoke out against Christianity challenged Raika and her team. He said that if their God healed Danaki, he would follow Him.

When the next attack hit Danaki, Jehru turned to the ladies team to come again and pray for his daughter. When they did so, they realized it was a demonic attack that was causing Danaki such misery. The Lord freed her when Raika’s team prayed to cast out the demon.

The family watched in wonder at Danaki’s deliverance. She received Jesus as her Savior, and her parents are now open to learning more about the Gospel.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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