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Elephants Trample Believers’ Homes

October 5th, 2012


Destroyed Hut

Like this hut, Shari and Daman’s homes were completely destroyed by an elephant rampage.

A herd of elephants barreled through a small village in West Bengal, India, completely destroying the homes of two Christians who attend a Gospel for Asia-related church. The believers fled their homes as they heard the elephants crashing toward their huts on January 29.

Shari Manini and Daman Kuvam and their families both regularly worship the Lord at the church where GFA native missionary Mohak Etash serves as pastor. The elephants completely crushed their homes and belongings during the rampage, along with several other houses in the village. No casualties have been reported at this time.

Located near a dense forest, the village is often damaged by elephants. Residents have nowhere else to go, so they are forced to endure the frequent terror of the elephant visits.


In many rural areas throughout India, roaming elephants pose a threat to the villages.

“Sometimes the elephants trample through our fields just before harvest time, destroying the food we have worked to produce,” said another believer from Mohak’s church.

Mohak and others from the church are doing everything they can to aid the victims of this recent incident. Shari, who is a widow, and her two children are staying with another family whose hut was only partially damaged by the same herd of elephants. Daman has also found a safe place to stay.

Mohak requests prayer that the believers will grow stronger in their faith through this tragedy. He also requests prayer that the Lord would provide Shari and Daman with new homes soon.


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