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Healed by Jesus in Himachal Pradesh

November 30th, 2012 Comments off


Man praying

Like the man praying here, many lives are being touched in Himachal Pradesh, India, as missionaries like Victor Sanjit share the Good News of Jesus with them.


Ajay Duraj was wasting away from a mysterious illness that doctors could not diagnose. He took a lot of different medicines, hoping to treat and improve his condition. But his doctors could offer him no assurance that he would live. Ajay’s condition gradually deteriorated, and he became very weak.

The gravity of the physical problems plunged Ajay into hopelessness and despair. He prayed to many of his deities, asking for healing, but none came. During this time, Victor Sanjit, a Gospel for Asia missionary, visited Ajay and shared the Gospel with him. He also told him about Jesus’ power to heal and prayed for the troubled man.

Moved by the Gospel message, Ajay responded with trust in Christ, the One who offered peace and healing for his restless soul. He rejoiced when, within five days, he experienced physical healing as well!

Ajay is growing in his faith and has been attending the local GFA-related church where Victor is pastor. His family has started attending with him, too, hearing from God’s Word. Please pray for the salvation of Ajay’s whole family. And pray the Lord will raise this family up to be His witnesses in their native Himachal Pradesh, India, where many have yet to hear of the Savior.




This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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Pastor Kidnapped, Again Forced into Hiding

November 16th, 2012 Comments off

The Lord is working every day through the compassionate outreach and prayers of GFA native missionaries in Orissa as they share the Gospel with courage.

A Gospel for Asia native missionary in Orissa is once again in hiding for his safety. On February 19, Durga Gedam was traveling to an important meeting on his motorbike when he was abruptly interrupted by a group of anti-Christian extremists. They caught him and forcibly took him to the site of one of their religious festivals.

They put Durga in a room, searched him and took all his money. They also made sure someone was watching him around the clock. Thankfully, by God’s grace, one of the guards had compassion on Durga and allowed him to go free.

Durga was able to get his motorbike back and hurried to his original destination. Once there, he informed a GFA leader of the incident and is now staying there for his safety.

Persecution has come to be a regular part of life for Durga, whose ministry in Orissa is growing. The GFA-related church where he is pastor now has 12 families that regularly attend. This has not made anti-Christian extremist groups happy, however. While numerous threats upon Durga’s life over the past year have caused him fear, they have in no way deterred him from the work that God has called him to do.

On a previous occasion, he went for outreach to one area, knowing in advance that a group of extremists planned to attack him. Although he was beaten severely with sticks and a sword, the Lord protected him.

Today Durga is concerned for his church members, especially in his temporary absence, and hopes that they will find comfort and courage in the Lord to face these challenging times. He is also concerned for the safety and well-being of his wife; she is back at home and he has no way to contact her.

GFA leaders request fervent prayer that God will protect Durga and his wife, and that He will soften the hearts of their persecutors. They also ask for prayer that the believers in Durga’s church will find much strength and encouragement in the Lord throughout these times.


This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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Christians Kidnapped in India

November 2nd, 2012 Comments off
Open air meeting

These missionaries in Himachal Pradesh are conducting an open-air meeting.

About 40 Christians were kidnapped February 27 by anti-Christian radicals in Himachal Pradesh, India. The extremists reportedly took the Christians to a religious temple and are trying to force them to renounce Christ and return to the country’s dominant faith.

Initial reports from the area indicate that some of those kidnapped are part of a Gospel for Asia-related church in the village where the kidnapping occurred.

GFA leaders in Himachal Pradesh ask for prayer for those who were captured, that they will stand firm in their faith, even in this difficult time. They also ask for prayer for the overall situation for Christians in this northwest Indian state.

Worship Service

This small group of believers in Himachal Pradesh is enjoying a worship service.

An anti-Christian political party controls Himachal Pradesh, and it is possible that the group who kidnapped these Christians is affiliated with the political party. One of this party’s goals is to convert Christians to India’s predominant religion. It is not unusual for these extremists to kidnap believers and force them to bow before the statues that represent the country’s traditional gods. If the Christians refuse to bow to the statues, they risk being ostracized from society, which brings much shame in the Asian culture in which they live.

The extremist ruling party believes that keeping people in the traditional religion brings unity to the state, and ultimately to the entire country. Since Christianity is so radically different than the other religions, a person’s decision to follow Christ creates friction in families and sometimes entire villages.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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