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Healed by Jesus in Himachal Pradesh

November 30th, 2012


Man praying

Like the man praying here, many lives are being touched in Himachal Pradesh, India, as missionaries like Victor Sanjit share the Good News of Jesus with them.


Ajay Duraj was wasting away from a mysterious illness that doctors could not diagnose. He took a lot of different medicines, hoping to treat and improve his condition. But his doctors could offer him no assurance that he would live. Ajay’s condition gradually deteriorated, and he became very weak.

The gravity of the physical problems plunged Ajay into hopelessness and despair. He prayed to many of his deities, asking for healing, but none came. During this time, Victor Sanjit, a Gospel for Asia missionary, visited Ajay and shared the Gospel with him. He also told him about Jesus’ power to heal and prayed for the troubled man.

Moved by the Gospel message, Ajay responded with trust in Christ, the One who offered peace and healing for his restless soul. He rejoiced when, within five days, he experienced physical healing as well!

Ajay is growing in his faith and has been attending the local GFA-related church where Victor is pastor. His family has started attending with him, too, hearing from God’s Word. Please pray for the salvation of Ajay’s whole family. And pray the Lord will raise this family up to be His witnesses in their native Himachal Pradesh, India, where many have yet to hear of the Savior.




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