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Jagdeep’s Gospel Garden

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Apple Salesman

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its apples. Jagdeep’s family depends on this crop for their livelihood.


An apple orchard meant life or death for Jagdeep’s family. And it was starting to look more like their orchard, perched on a rural hilltop, would bring them the latter.

Jagdeep was only 21, but he was the man of his family. His father had died a few years before, so he was left to care for his mother and three sisters. For years, attacks from evil spirits made life even harder for Jagdeep—until he met Saji.

Saji was a Gospel for Asia Bible college student, and for his six-month outreach, he was assigned to work in Jagdeep’s area. Saji was helping GFA missionary Harshad, who ministered in a town just down the hill from where Jagdeep lived.

During outreach one day, Saji visited Jagdeep’s home. When he heard the story of the family’s hardships, he shared the love of Christ with them and the hope they could have in salvation. Saji also prayed, and the Lord delivered Jagdeep right then from the demonic attacks. The whole family chose to receive salvation.

But at that point, things only seemed to get worse. The community rejected Jagdeep’s family for their commitment to Christ. This made it nearly impossible for them to earn a livelihood, as the villagers depended on each other to borrow necessary tools for orchard upkeep. No one would allow Jagdeep to use their tools, and the orchard looked as if it would shrivel up.

In the midst of this discouragement, God showed the family His power. Harshad provided a plow and spray pump through GFA’s Compassion Services. Now, Jagdeep and his family are able to keep up their only source of income, and their neighbors have witnessed God’s care for them.

Harshad asks for prayer that Jagdeep and his family will keep trusting the Lord and that He will continue providing for them. Jagdeep is also applying for the government job his father held before his death, and he asks for prayer that he will get this job.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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Violent Campaign Ends With Peaceful Election Day in Nepal

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Gospel for Asia missionaries—and Christians throughout Nepal—are praying that their new constitution will include true freedom of religion

An often violent political campaign was capped by a surprisingly peaceful election day in Nepal on Wednesday. Early results show that the Maoist party candidates fared poorly, coming in last in most instances.

Christians in Nepal are now turning their attention to the newly elected officials, who are charged with turning the country into a true democracy. They will rewrite the country’s constitution and work out the details of how to abolish the monarchy.

The candidates have said that the new Nepal will be a secular nation with guaranteed freedom of religion. Nepal has been an official Hindu country for more than 200 years.

Gospel for Asia President K.P. Yohannan, speaking to Mission Network News, said it will be vital for Christians to be represented in the new government.

“Pray that the government will have at least a handful of Christian representatives in their work on creating the new constitution for the country,” Yohannan said.

There were at least four Christian candidates. It is not yet known if any of them won their respective seats in Nepal’s constituent assembly.

Easter Parade

A group of Nepali Christians is shown during their Easter parade. They spent the day sharing the love of Jesus in their communities.

The April 9 elections were Nepal’s first since 1999. The weeks leading up to the election were marred by violence, in which two candidates were killed. News reports from the country said that election day was mostly peaceful. About 17.6 million of the country’s 26.4 million residents were eligible to vote. Initial reports show that voter turnout was high, even though irregularities caused 10 voting sites to postpone polling to a later date.

Yohannan asks everyone to remember GFA’s missionaries in Nepal as the country undergoes this radical transformation.

“Pray for the missionaries, pastors and believers, that they would have wisdom to respond to the situation correctly in the midst of uncertainties,” Yohannan said.



This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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