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Christians Attacked in Bhutan

February 22nd, 2013



GFA missionaries in Bhutan spend a lot of time sharing the Gospel one-on-one with individuals.

Two Christian families were physically attacked and kicked out of their homes after they chose to follow Christ. These two families live in Bhutan.

Gospel for Asia missionaries Lali Bharose and Ekta Surgari, who recently began ministering in their village, shared the Gospel with these families and they chose to follow Christ.

On Saturday, April 12, their fellow villagers attacked the new Christians and forced them out of the village. They also told Lali and Ekta to leave the village.

Less than one percent of Bhutan’s residents claim to follow Christ. Sharing the Gospel with people who follow the two traditional religions in the country is illegal. Bhutan has a population of about 2.1 million. It is a small, landlocked country sharing borders with both India and China.

GFA leaders ask for prayer for these two families who were attacked, that they would be able to feel the real power of Jesus in their lives. Pray also for their complete healing and for strength to stand firm in their situation.

Prayer is also requested for GFA missionaries sharing God’s love in Bhutan. Pray specifically for Lali and Ekta as they are in a tense situation at present.


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