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The Forbidden Hills

April 5th, 2013
Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, India, GFA missionaries are no longer allowed to share the love of Christ on seven hills surrounding a famous temple.

In dusty village streets, soggy rice fields, bustling village markets and many other areas, Gospel for Asia missionaries boldly proclaim the story of Jesus in Andhra Pradesh, India. But there are hills, seven to be exact, where no one can utter His wonderful message of salvation.

With Christian freedoms ever tightening, GFA missionaries can no longer share the love of Christ near the area’s famous temple, including the seven hills that surround it. The Andhra Pradesh governor issued an ordinance that prohibits propagating any other religions near this temple and in 19 other places throughout the state.

Because GFA missionaries and other Christians are faithfully sharing the Gospel in Andhra Pradesh, many people have chosen to follow Him. And although the state has not established an anti-conversion law, many political groups are rallying to bring one about in an effort to stop the Kingdom’s growth. And already, if anyone violates the governor’s ordinance, they will face three years imprisonment and/or a costly fine.

GFA missionaries are committed to sharing the transforming power of Jesus Christ throughout Asia, even if that means imprisonment or death. So they request prayer for wisdom in their ministries in Andhra Pradesh. They also ask for prayer that the government officials’ hearts will be softened toward Christians.


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