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A Shepherd Boy Becomes a Missionary

May 31st, 2013

Before the Lord called him to full-time ministry, Sumay tended sheep in Karnataka, India.



The sheep’s bleats stirred Sumay Lahar out of a daze. Picking up his staff, he stood up from his spot at the watering hole and trudged through the dusty field in Karnataka, India. The fresh air was permeated with the smell of damp wool and sheep droppings. As he went about his duties as a shepherd, Sumay never dreamed that in just a few days he would not have the strength to get out of bed.

The virus that was already spreading through Sumay’s body quickly brought his daily activities to a halt. This especially meant that he could no longer withstand the long, hard days of tending sheep. Sumay’s parents spent their minuscule resources on treatment in a hospital, but the treatment did not work.

Next, trusting in the gods of their traditional religion, his parents took him to a succession of elaborate temples and even to chanting witch doctors. But all of the many rituals performed over Sumay were in vain.

Sumay was sure his sickness would eventually kill him. In despair over his deteriorating health, he decided to end the misery and commit suicide.

Then, Sumay and his family heard about a Christian prayer meeting that his uncle was hosting. Eager to try anything that might save him from approaching death, they all went.

The pastor who was leading the meeting shared a message from God’s Word, and then began the prayer time. Noticing that Sumay was severely ill, the pastor told him to put his trust in Jesus. As the pastor interceded, Sumay’s symptoms went away. When the prayer was finished, he had been completely healed. Seeing the Lord’s great power, Sumay decided to follow Jesus that very night.

Thankful for his restored health, Sumay went back to the fields and continued his work as a shepherd. But as his faith developed, the Lord placed a higher calling on his life. Sumay felt a burden to use his life in full-time ministry.

Through the encouragement of a Gospel for Asia native missionary in his village, Sumay applied to a Bible college in Karnataka. He was accepted and studied there for three years. Rejoicing in what God had done in his life, Sumay graduated in 2006.

Now, Sumay shares his incredible testimony of how God transformed his life, both physically and spiritually, as he ministers. Through his passion for Jesus, many souls are hearing about the amazing power that can only be found in Him.

Sumay requests prayer that the Lord will be glorified in all aspects of his ministry. He also requests prayer that many would come to know Him in Karnataka.



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