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Threats in Maharashtra

May 3rd, 2013


Beaten Missionary

This GFA missionary was beaten while doing outreach in Maharashtra last year.

Strong opposition against Christians surfaced in one area of Maharashtra, India, when a Gospel for Asia native missionary faced death threats, and anti—Christian extremists tried to barge into a GFA Bible college.

As missionary Dulal Tarang distributed tracts outside a tea shop on March 15, a group of radicals surrounded him. They questioned him about his ministry and threatened him.

“You should never come to our village again, or we will kill you!” the mob exclaimed.

Then the group started to beat him, but the tea shop owner rushed out and stopped them. So the extremists left before they hurt Dulal.

Later that morning, some students from a nearby GFA Bible college came to the village to do outreach. Dulal told them what had happened and directed them to another village for their ministry.

That afternoon, a group of anti—Christian extremists showed up at the entrance to the Bible college, sharply questioning the security guard.

“Who is in charge of this Bible college?” they asked. “And who sent the students to convert our people to Christianity?”

Then they tried to push their way onto the campus, but the security guard would not let them pass. So the group finally left.

Opposition such as this is becoming an ever—increasing aspect of serving the Lord in India. Anti—Christian extremists feel threatened by the number of people who are choosing to follow Christ through the ministries of GFA and other missionaries across the country.

Dulal and the Bible college students ask for prayer as they serve in this dangerous area. They also request prayer that the Lord will soften the hearts of those who are opposing them.

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