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Welcoming Jesus at School

June 14th, 2013
Tea Gardens

Most of the people Grace ministers to work in West Bengal's famous tea gardens.


Desks that once held children engaged in learning sat eerily quiet when Gospel for Asia missionary Grace Sahare entered the school building. She remembered when the school in this village in West Bengal, India was a vibrant place, full of happy, healthy children. The kids came from many surrounding villages to learn and grow at the school.

Then one by one, the children became sick, suffering from a variety of mysterious illnesses. Their parents tried taking them to medical doctors, but their symptoms seemed to defy explanation. The staff tried to determine the source of the students’ strange health problems, but they could not identify it either.

It was as if their young bodies were being tormented by some dark spiritual force. Unable to recover, the once happy, vibrant students gradually stopped coming to school altogether.

The villages where these children live are strongholds of India’s traditional religions. The people worship multiple idols and depend on witchdoctors to solve their spiritual problems.


GFA's women missionaries are trained specifically to reach out to the millions of Asian women who have never heard the Gospel.

So it was routine procedure for the school staff to invite the witchdoctors to come and perform pujas, or prayer ceremonies, to cleanse the school. But it was futile. The classrooms still sat dark and empty.

Having reached the end of their rope, the teachers asked Grace to come and pray for the school. This was a giant leap of faith for the teachers, because almost everyone in the village had opposed Grace’s previous efforts to share the Gospel.

This Gospel for Asia missionary graciously offered to lead a weekly Sunday school, prayer and worship service at the school, and the teachers agreed. Grace began to fast and pray, asking the Lord to demolish the strongholds of Satan that were actively working in the school.

Grace moved her existing Sunday school class to the school, and soon others joined. The Lord answered her prayers and eradicated the evil spirits from the school building.

Classes soon resumed at the school! Today students are back in their desks learning and the teachers are amazed. As a result of this answered prayer, many in these villages are interested in hearing the Gospel. The children hear about God’s love each week in the Sunday school that Grace continues to teach in the school building.

Grace asks for prayer that the Lord would continue to effectively use her in this area. The majority of the people who live here work as laborers in the nearby tea gardens and processing factory. These villages are primitive places without much contact with the outside world, and there are people from many different tribal groups living there. Grace is praying that her Sunday school class will unite them all with the common bond of Christ.


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