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A Christian’s Concern and a Pastor’s Prayer

August 23rd, 2013



Sahat fervently prayed for Raju’s healing, and very soon Raju was completely free of the epilepsy.

Plummeting into a future with no hope, Raju and Sheela Banaj thought they had no way out. As Dalits in Karnataka, India, they could barely feed their three children on the meager wages they earned as farm laborers. Then Raju began suffering from severe epilepsy.

Since he was no longer able to work, it seemed Raju’s family would starve. His enormous medical bills also sent them into deep debt—yet his health only deteriorated. They prayed to their traditional religion’s deities, and still felt no peace in their lives.

News of their difficult situation spread around the village and finally met the ears of Malika Nayan, a local Christian. Filled with immense compassion for this desperate family, Malika visited Raju and Sheela in their home. She prayed for them and shared the true hope found in Christ.

After her visit, Malika shared Raju and Sheela’s situation with Sahat Turag, the Gospel for Asia native missionary who is the pastor of her church. Sahat, too, was stirred with empathy for Raju and his family, so he went to their home to reach out in love.

During his visit, the pastor prayed for the Lord to heal Raju from the epilepsy. Soon, Raju’s health was completely restored, and he was able to work again! He and Sheela also felt a satisfying peace and joy in their hearts.

Raju and his family rejoiced in what the Lord had done in their lives. Raju and Sheela both received Christ into their lives and follow him faithfully today. They are bringing their children up to love the Lord as well.

Sahat requests prayer that Raju and his family will continue to grow in their faith. Malika asks for prayer that she will continue to be a light for Christ in her village.


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