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Women Touching Lives in Sikkim

August 9th, 2013


Women Reaching Women

Women sharing the Good News of Jesus through GFA can often minister in situations where it would not be culturally appropriate for a man to do so.

Raju and Prasela, a couple in Sikkim, India, stood by feeling helpless to do anything for their little boy. Sujin was seriously ill, and it pained them to watch him suffer.

Then the couple met a team of Christian women serving with Gospel for Asia. These women listened with compassion to Raju and Prasela’s plight and told them about Jesus. They prayed earnestly for Sujin, and he started to feel a little better.

The women helped Raju and Prasela get Sujin to the hospital. Soon, he was completely healed! Amazed that their son had recovered so quickly, the couple gave Jesus the glory and rejoiced with the women who had prayed for them and helped them. Raju and Prasela also chose to put their trust in Christ.

The efforts of the women who reached out to Raju and Prasela represent a vibrant arm of GFA’s ministry—the Women’s Fellowship. Through this ministry, women from local churches—many of them first-generation Christians—are discipled and trained to reach their communities with the love of Jesus.

During one outreach event, the Sikkim Women’s Fellowship team gave out thousands of tracts. God blessed these efforts, and many people began attending local churches to learn more about Jesus.

Even a GFA Women’s Fellowship meeting, designed to minister to the women themselves, turned into an opportunity to bless the surrounding community, as the Lord’s presence radiated from these women. While many of them made renewed commitments to serve Christ, the meeting also drew the curious attention of many non-Christians. Four families were touched and came to know Christ as a result.

A similar opportunity for ministry took place as two Women’s Fellowship members traveled to a church in Sikkim. On the way to this church they were able to share the Gospel with the driver they had hired. The man listened intently and decided to receive Christ as his Savior.

At least one Bible study has sprung up in Sikkim through the Women’s Fellowship ministry, with at least eight people coming out for prayer.

Give God the glory and praise for the harvest He is bringing through these faithful women, who themselves have been delivered from spiritual darkness. Please pray that the GFA women’s fellowship ministry will continue to grow and significantly touch lives in South Asia.


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