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The Church Near Bollywood in Mumbai

October 18th, 2013


Church in Mumbai

This church building in Mumbai is the result of many prayers.

In India’s city famous for both slums and movie-making, Gospel for Asia missionary Prisan Pinak received a miracle for his congregation. His church was the first in Mumbai (Bombay) planted by a GFA missionary to construct its own building.

About 350 people came to witness Prisan dedicate the church building on this special day. Besides being the first in its area, it was an answer to the believers’ prayers for the Lord to provide money and land, both of which are difficult to obtain in the growing city.

Although the building provided relief from the cramped home the congregation previously met in, it will not have extra space for long.

“The presence of the Lord was felt throughout the dedication service,” GFA’s correspondent wrote. “The Lord opened the hearts of the people and many received Jesus into their lives on that day.”

Miraculously, a local political leader who had previously opposed Prisan’s ministry came to the dedication. Far from the intimidation the politician had shown earlier, he came happily, grateful to have been invited. He didn’t know Prisan had spent time fasting and praying for him. But the Christians knew his presence was another miracle in the service.

Woman with baby

This woman is one of nearly 7 million who live in the Mumbai slums.

Prisan came to Mumbai to start his ministry four years ago. The city of nearly 13 million people has many outstanding characteristics that seem to contradict themselves. Millions, in fact almost half the city’s population, end up in the massive slums that spread over huge portions of Mumbai. Yet this city is also the center of India’s financial stock trading.

The railway area attracts homeless people and abandoned children, and was the location of a political bombing. Mumbai is also home to some of India’s many celebrities who work in Bollywood, the Mumbai moviemaking center that dwarfs Hollywood, California.

Practically, the size of the city means it is hard for Prisan and missionaries like him to find space for church buildings. But the overwhelming number of people needing the Gospel in this city drives these missionaries to minister in far-from-ideal locations. Prisan and his congregation rejoice that God has provided them with their building to continue and minister in their city.


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