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Thousands of ways to reach out and share God’s love

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According to the Scriptures, the apostles were the first volunteers. Their service gained them nothing in this world but the satisfaction of serving Jesus by serving others. They gladly heeded Jesus Christ’s invitation to join His ministry and fulfill the Great Commission. Until the end of their lives, they wholeheartedly shared God’s love in word and deed, and recruited more “volunteers” to stand with them.

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It is through God’s anointing on their work and the work of their disciples’ after them that Christianity has reached so far. After Jesus’ death, the Apostle Paul encouraged his disciple Timothy, ”Fan into flame the gift of God which is in you” and “Do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.” It seems Timothy was initially reluctant and fraught with fear, but eventually stepped up and carried out the mission with all his strength.

Timothy’s initial attitude toward his responsibility as a disciple reflects the same attitude of millions of Christians nowadays. While they recognize the need to serve, many of them lack the discipline and confidence to step out in faith and do so. Many more do not know how or where to start.

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But the need for modern-day stewards of Christ to share His love in word and deed is more pressing than ever. Centuries after Jesus died on the cross, there are still millions who have yet to hear of the God who came down “not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (see Matthew 20:28). It is important for Christians to take up the mission of sharing the message of God’s gift with men and women over the world through ministries such as Gospel for Asia.

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All year round, there are tens of thousands of ways for Christians to help others. Some volunteer in soup kitchens or food banks—many need help, especially outside of the holiday season. Other Christians visit the elderly, pray with them and do simple tasks like washing their dishes or mowing their lawns. Some feel called to join long or short-term missions, while others support missionaries who are already sharing their faith in other nations. Other Christians use their skills and talents for the glory of God by leading worship sessions and other events. Websites like list opportunities of one’s choosing. Just like God’s love never ends, the possibilities of giving are endless.

Gospel for Asia gives numerous opportunities for impacting the lives of men and women in South Asia by sharing the ministry at conferences, in churches and at small groups; through creating unique MyGFA campaigns to give practical gifts to the needy; or by volunteering your time and energy in the home office. As you volunteer with GFA, you’re also a part of reaching out to South Asian countries and helping men and women learn more about the love of Jesus, the love which has been compelling and inspiring volunteers for thousands of years. Visit this website to know more about how you can help the group’s causes.